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This book is a must-have for connoisseurs of the Winchester Single-Shot and avid students of all things Winchester! In this incredibly researched sequel to John Campbell's original work, The Winchester Single-Shot, collectors of the Model 1885 will uncover a trove of new information - much of it never before published. What's more, all Winchester collectors will find amazing knowledge and insights that have been buried for over a century. Learn the human side of Winchester through detailed biographies of the men who made Winchester a legend. Probe the surprising secrets of Winchester's model room. Revisit the art and precision of the W.R.A. Co. drafting rooms and manufacturing shops that helped forge American history. And tour the dark but revealing recesses of the Cody Firearms Museum vaults. Its all here between the covers of The Winchester Single-Shot, Volume II. Ê282 pp., 350+ photos, 8.5"x11". Hardcover w/dustjacket