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When Volkswagen burst upon the American automobile scene in the 1960s, it established a reputation for both economy and reliability. Few who drove the original sixties' "Love Bug" knew that the vehicle was the creation of Adolf Hitler in the days of the Third Reich. Originally intended as a symbol of prewar prosperity, the Volkswagen, or "people's car," eventually became a key element in the Nazi war machine.With the outbreak of World War II, the production of the Volkswagen car was adapted for military use, and the Kubelwagen, German "jeep," was designed and manufactured throughout Germany. A special amphibious version, the "Schwimmwagen," was later developed and spearheaded many major German offensives. Appearing in several variants, Volkswagen vehicles became the mainstay of German command and motorized units.This detailed history of the Volkswagen in the 1930s and 1940s covers all varieties of makes and models of the Volkswagen in use during the Third Reich and is richly illustrated with rare photographs of the vehicles themselves, technical drawings, engine designs, and sales brochures of the period