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Much has been written concerning Wellington and his famous Peninsular Army in the way of formal history: this volume, however, will I think contain somewhat that is new to most students concerning its organization, its day by day hfe, and its psychology. To understand the exploits of WeU ington smen, it does not suffice to read a mere chronicle of their marches and battles. I have endeavoured to collect in these pages notices of those aspects of their Hfe with which no strategical or tactical work can deal, though tactics and even strategy will not be found unnoticed. My special thanks are due to my friend Mr. C. T. A tkinson, Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, for allowing me to use the admirable list of the brigade and divisional organization of the Peninsular Army which forms Appendix II. It is largely expanded from the article on the same topic which he printed eight years ago in the Historical Review, and enables the reader to find out the precise composition of every one of Wellington sunits at any moment between A pril, 1808 and A pril, 1814. I have also to express my gratitude to the Hon. John Fortescue, the author of the great History of theB ritish A rmy, for answering a good many queries which I should have found hard to solve without his aid.